Why I Like the Adidas Excel III BackPack

Let me start off by saying I am not a “Backpack” kind of person – at least I wasn’t until I bought the Adidas Excel III Backpack.

Did you know that the size of the worldwide backpack market was estimated at USD 18 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow to USD 29 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of roughly 6.14% between 2020 and 2030?

I don’t know about you but one of my least favourite things about travelling is packing, or more to the point, lugging suitcases around the airport. If I could just magically go from home to my destination without a trail of suitcases, I would be very happy.

Now that I am travelling more, this has become even more important.

When my husband and I first started travelling, we each had two big suitcases, 2 smaller suitcases, our personal items (purse for me, backpack for him), his tennis bag and our computer bags. I can tell you, there were more fights over our luggage than anything else on our trips.

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The Final Straw

On our previous trip to Costa Rica last year, my checked suitcase was flagged as being overweight. After three attempts to get it down to the correct allowable weight, my husband was ready to blow a gasket and it got me thinking about how I could avoid this.

Of course, part of this situation occurred because we had eliminated our two carry-on suitcases, thinking we could cram it all into the two larger ones! Lesson learned!

On our current trip to Mexico, I decided to pack ‘only’ the necessities (keep in mind that this was a six-month stay). My dream was and still is, to travel only with a backpack so I decided to experiment – I see people all the time travelling with only what they carry on their back and I envy them! We still packed our two big suitcases but everything else was going in our backpacks!

Adidas Excel III Backpack Review, travelling

Search for a Backpack

My husband was quite content with his but I didn’t own one so I started to check them out. While visiting my daughter in Kincardine Ontario, I would go to the various stores – and realized just how expensive a good one was! Returning back home, I continued my search and stopped at a leather store in one of the malls and this is where I found the stylish Adidas Excel III Backpack.

The sales lady who waited on me pointed out this particular one and said it was the one she owns. She could have steered me to more expensive ones so I believed she was being honest with me. Because she is tall, she especially loved the load spring shoulder straps.

Pros of the Adidas Excel III Backpack

  • Colour –mine is black with pink and is very stylish – when I bought it, this was the only available colour but I love it. – Amazon carries several different colours if you prefer
  • Padded back panel – this bag is built for comfort with a padded air mesh back panel
  • 4 outside zippered pockets – great for cellphones, change purse, whatever you want to tuck away
  • Internal zippered pockets + 2 water bottle pockets – for even more organization
  • Computer and tablet pockets – lined, 15.4 inches
  • Loads of space – 13 x 20.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Spring shoulder straps – great for weight distribution
  • Lifetime Warranty – durable materials made to last

Cons of the Adidas Excel III Backpack

  • The opening on the small zippered pocket on the front is too small and makes it difficult to see inside to locate small items
  • Water bottle holders could be a little deeper

Final Thoughts

I was totally pleased with this backpack. It not only held a lot of my clothes but I even had a pair of running shoes and a pair of sandals packed as well as my Kobo reader, cellphone and case, and snacks for the plane ride. What I noticed was that as heavy as it was, I didn’t mind it on my back at all due to the wide straps.

I know there are more expensive backpacks made specifically for travelling but for the price and the storage space, this more than filled my requirements. I really liked the load spring straps and the lifetime warranty.  I would definitely recommend it, especially if you are a light traveller. I haven’t given up on my dream that eventually we will be travelling with only our backpacks!


If you are travelling to a country where washers and dryers aren’t prevalent (such as the area in Mexico where we are staying), the local laundromats (lavanderias) wash, dry and PACK your clothes in a neatly sealed plastic bag that fits right into this backpack – so you know we will be taking our laundry there a day or so before we fly back home! No muss, no fuss!! Love it.

Update: May 2019. This particular colour or style may not be available but they do have similar styles. Amazon changes their products continually.

How do you travel? With a ton of suitcases or a backpack? Please share your comments.


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I love to travel and my biggest regret is that I waited so long to do it, thinking I just couldn’t afford it. I have had some crazy fun, met some amazing people, and had some scary moments such as getting locked in a shower at a campsite. For our trip to Mexico, we were able to save money by house sitting, which was something completely new to us. If this is something that interests you, then check out TrustedHousesitters or HouseSitMexico (be sure and use Code thetr6210d47b7cc90). We hope you visit often.

8 thoughts on “Why I Like the Adidas Excel III BackPack”

  1. I must say that your article is very informative and helpful Mary Ann. I think that Adidas is one of the most reputable brands and honestly, I like to use their mark whether it be shoes or clothes. This backpack will definitely serve me well on my travel and it suits my budget, will definitely get one.

    • Hi Daniel. I have to agree with you that Adidas is very reputable and solid. As I mentioned, this isn’t by far an expensive backpack but it certainly has some great features such as the wide load spring straps and the lifetime warranty plus a great budget price! 

  2. A very important topic you got here, backpack is not something to take lightly when you are traveling. I once spend 2 weeks in Malaysia and I was totally dependent on my backpack. Of course it wasn’t Addidas, but still it was my best buddy there. Think about it, every thing we have like phone, keys, shades, water, extra money, t shirts are all essentials and they have one place to go, in the backpack.

    I wish i could have tried those when i was there, but its not too late i guess. Maybe I will give it a try. 

    • Hi Hany. You bring up a very valid point here. Everything that is “essential” when travelling can be put in the backpack and when one travels, it is good to have the security of knowing that everything is within your reach and not tucked away somewhere in a suitcase! If the backpack has the extra security of strapping around your waist as well, you can feel secure that no one is going to try and pull it from you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. With your review on this Adidas excel it has the features i like in a backpack and these are the kind of backpack you see and instantly go into your wardrobe and start planning your travelling, this is such a nice backpack and is surely recommended to anyone who wants to travel anytime  .

    • Hi Seun. I hope this backpack continues to serve me well, especially with the lifetime warranty attached. It really is very spacious and learning not to take everything with you on a trip is essential. I like the idea of having everything in one place!

  4. I am a backpack freak as I am always on the move. When I need something handy to carry my laptop and accessories, I reach for my backpack..I have used a couple of other good brands with amazing features too. However, Adidas offers an extra layer of comfort, in addition to being durable and stylish. My Adidas backpack is still in a good shape, however, when it needs replacing, the Adidas Excel III backpack would be my next choice. It will be a good thing if I could get an all-black model without the pink design.

    • Hello and thanks for stopping by. Since you are on the move so much and already use the backpack, it sounds like you have this down to a science. It is what I hope for myself as well. As you are already familiar with Adidas, you will have an easy decision when the time comes to get a new one. I am quite certain you can get  one without the pink :). Maybe a bright orange trim? 


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