Trusted House Sitters Review – It Works!

Name: Trusted House Sitters
Owners: Andy & Rachel Peck
Price: $130/year
Overall Rank:  5 Stars
5 star rating House Sit


My husband and I love to travel, especially south for half a year where we can avoid the cold winters in Canada. This sometimes proves difficult because for the other half of the year, where do we live? Trusted House Sitters is a viable option and is making our travel possible.

This solution presented itself to us while visiting Costa Rica a year ago. We met many wonderful people who told us they were house-sitting. Our interest was peaked and when we got back home we immediately decided to check it out. I am happy to say we feel we made a great decision.

House Sitting can make vacations to places like this (Yucatan, Mexico) affordable!

Yucatan, Mexico


This company, based out of Brighton, Sussex, UK, was launched in 2010 by Co-Founders Rachel and Andy Peck. Its mission, simply put, is to allow pets to stay safe and happy in their own homes.

It is the largest company of its type and allows you to literally travel the world!

Peck saw the need for such a service when he cared for 2 cats and three dogs in a villa in Galica, Spain. At that time, he realized that there were many homeowners who did not want to board their pets away from their homes. Many chose not to travel rather than place their pets in places they weren’t comfortable with.

Trusted House Sitters’ staff are encouraged to do hands-on training – in other words, they are encouraged to experience house sitting for themselves so they can get a better understanding of what a member needs!

What is Trusted House Sitters

In a nutshell, it is trading services – The best part? The sitter gets free accommodations for the necessary length of time and the owner can have peace of mind and security, leaving their home and their pet(s) in good hands.

Note: You have a choice of what animals you are willing to look after so if you have an aversion to reptiles (like I do), then you can indicate this on your profile. While the majority of house sits do have pets, there are a few who just want their property looked after. We will be looking after one such property for four months starting in May of 2019.

How does it Work

Actually, it is really quite simple.

(1) You Pay a Membership Fee. There is a yearly fee involved for homeowners and sitters alike.

(2) Create your account. You will be asked to select whether you are a sitter or an owner. Then you will be directed to create your account.

Note: Before you even create your account, you will have limited access to sits already available to give you a glimpse of what is out there.

(3) Verification. There are 3 levels of verification. The basic, standard and enhanced. This is not a major requirement to get house sits although you may be asked by a prospective owner. In our experience, we were never asked and the only level we have is the basic.

(4) Start looking. Homeowners will look for criteria that will match theirs. Think of it as a ‘matchmaking’ website. You will want to put your best foot forward – in other words, a profile that rocks!

(5) Email Alerts. You will receive email alerts from Trusted House Sitters when a match to your profile becomes available.

(6) Welcome Guide. The owner will prepare a welcome guide. Included in this guide are items such as alternative contact phone numbers/people; heating/air conditioning instructions; first aid kits, medications/feeding schedules of pets/plants; where restaurants/grocery stores are located, information on the vet and how he or she is paid, bus schedules. These are just a few of the items you might find in your guide. Some will be more extensive than others.


• Largest company in the world, therefore, lots of choices;
• Verification is not necessary to get house sits;
• Win/Win situation – house sitter has the opportunity to see the world; owners can travel with peace of mind;
• One-time fee covers you for the whole year;
• Free accommodations;
• Easy to use the website including a place to load up to 14 photos;
• Now has an IOS app;
• Reviews – homeowners can rate your performance. You can also rate the owners.

Some Cons – Here’s the Deal

Price – while some might find that $130 is a lot, I personally don’t think so. As a sitter, if you factor in your accommodations, food, and travel, you are looking at way more than just 37 cents a day! If you are the owner, your boarding fees alone would set you back considerably. In Canada, you could be looking at $30 (low end) up to $85 (high end) per night; in the US, according to, you could be paying anywhere from $240-$550 per month! Plus, your pet won’t have the comfort of being at home in familiar surroundings.

Size of Company – Being the largest does give you lots of options, but it also provides lots of competition. This is where you need to make your profile shine!

App just for IOS. In 2017, Android accounted for more than 80% of all smartphone sales worldwide and is projected to account for 85% of shipments worldwide in 2020. That is a significant number. Hopefully, Trusted House Sitters will address this in the foreseeable future.

UPDATE on Pricing 2021:

Trusted House Sitters has introduced a new pricing tier for both sitters and homeowners which now addresses Accident & Third Party Liability Protection.


Trusted House Sitters Pricing

New Pricing for Trusted House Sitters

UPDATE on Apps 2021: Trusted House Sitters is now available on Google Play!

So, Does Trusted House Sitters Work?

Would I recommend Trusted House Sitters? YES!

This review is based on facts and our own experiences. My husband and I have been using Trusted House Sitters since February of this year and so far everything has been great! In fact, we already have two house-sits confirmed for 2019!

This company has thousands of positive reviews and thousands of members.

We did have over 5 years of previous, private experience when we started, which I highly recommend. Whether it is sitting for your co-workers’ pets, the neighbour next door or family, it all counts as experience.

Our goal is getting 5-star reviews while we travel and help owners, giving them the peace of mind and security they need, and so far we have managed to do just that.

I definitely recommend as your go-to place to house sit – and travel – anywhere in the world!


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I love to travel and my biggest regret is that I waited so long to do it, thinking I just couldn’t afford it. I have had some crazy fun, met some amazing people, and had some scary moments such as getting locked in a shower at a campsite. For our trip to Mexico, we were able to save money by house sitting, which was something completely new to us. If this is something that interests you, then check out TrustedHousesitters or HouseSitMexico We hope you visit often.

10 thoughts on “Trusted House Sitters Review – It Works!”

  1. This is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a while! I didn’t even know this existed! Is it possible to use this for a vacation – so you can see a new place and house-sit for someone. My wife and I are very responsible and tidy so this is something I think that could work out well for both of us!

    • Hi Dave. Absolutely!! I had one reader said she had a pet so she probably couldn’t do it but I have a friend who did two house sits and brought his dog along with the owners’ approval. But, it would be easier without, lol. 

      You can find house sits for less than one week up to 6 months to a year! Check it out! And the beauty of it is that you can go all over the world so if you have a particular area/country in mind, you can put that in your profile. Check it out!

  2. I would like to pursue this route as an alternative to travel and stay long term in other countries. I have experience taking care of pet animals, but they are all local clients. Now that you mentioned, I’ve never asked them for reviews, but I think those testimonials will be helpful for my application with Trusted House Sitters. Based on your experience, how do you think I should go about building reviews for my service? Thank you. 

    • Hi Cathy. Here is what we did. We completed the profile, said we had 5 years of ‘private’ house/pet sitting experience which was true. We had looked after family and friends’ animals during the summer for several years. It all counts. So we said we had the five years and gave photos of animals supporting this statement. You can also, I believe, give names and emails of people you would like to give a testimonial for you (But contact them first and give them a heads up that you are going to use them). Just give an honest bio of yourself and why you think you would be great at house sitting. We have had all 5-STAR reviews for all our sits and have been asked for a return next year of 4 months (!) and a new one for 10 days. I have made my tips available on my site if you care to check it out :).

  3. interesting concept! I have house sat for friends and family in the past, and I honestly loved it. And pets don’t bother. If I can hang out with a dog all day, I’m not mad. The only thing that would concern me about the price is the possible limited availability, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have that problem if the company is so large! Great article!

    • The company is very large but I think you have to give the best profile you can. We landed 4 house sits, all back to back, in a very short time. All but one had dogs (sometimes 2). As I said in my free tips, you have to have a genuine love of animals because it will show if you don’t (and dogs and cats are smart – they know!). Good luck if you decide to go this route.

  4. Baby sitting, dog sitting, house sitting. What’s the difference? None, when it comes to credibility. And that was the strongest vibe i could feel from reading your article. You explain everything so clearly and concisely but with enough detail. But most importantly the 2010 track record can really put minds at ease knowing that you are paying for a service that will put your loved animals into safe hands.

    You also explain the benefits of the business for both home owners and house sitters clearly, adding transparency and simplicity to the functionality of the business itself. It’s also good that you have added the qualities of the businesses workforce and current accomplishes like the private experience and goals for 5 star rating.

    This is a truly unique business idea not many know about. Keep up the good work on spreading the word of its operations! 

    • Thanks Shane. I am glad you got something out of this article. So many people want to travel and say they can’t afford it. This is just one option. All you need is a sense of adventure, some time and the determination to want to try it. We would never have considered it if we hadn’t actually met people who were doing it with great success!

      • Hello Mary Ann: I tried inputting my email in the GDPR Request Form but when I press “send” nothing happens.
        I’m a member of Trusted House Sitters and I agree with everything you have pointed out so far.


        • I am sorry you had that issue. I will certainly check it out. I really am enjoying our house sits. We are on one now as a matter of fact with another one right after this one.

          Thanks for stopping by.

          I just did a test and it worked ok so not sure what your issue was. I will look into it further.


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