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Mayan Ruins Mexico: Tulum and Coba

We recently took an opportunity to visit the Mayan Ruins in Mexico –  Tulum and Coba. I want to share some things we learned on this trip and how our journey in life has some parallels.

While many people visit the ruins on their own, we decided that since we had friends visiting for a short time we should take a guided tour. The cost was $55 US per person and included a buffet lunch. (more…)

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Trusted House Sitters – It Works!

Name: Trusted House Sitters
Owners: Andy & Rachel Peck
Price: $130/year
Overall Rank:  5 Stars
5 star rating House Sit

My husband and I love to travel, especially south for half a year where we can avoid the cold winters in Canada. This sometimes proves difficult because for the other half of the year, where do we live? Trusted House Sitters is a viable option and is making our travel possible. (more…)

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The Travelling Life – House Sitting Part 4

Our final house sit took us to St. Catharines Ontario. We didn’t have much time between our house sit in Ottawa and St. Catharines – just one day and night.

First we visited a young fellow, Caleb Barris, who we once billeted during hockey season; he was from Martins Ferry, Ohio at the time and has since relocated to Uxbridge Ontario.  We then visited friends, Rick and Laurie, who had just built a new home in the same area. After a wonderful steak dinner and wine, we spent the night there and then headed out early in the morning for St. Catherine’s. (more…)

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The Travelling Life – In-Between House Sits

Between our Markham and Ottawa house sits, we had a few days of travelling to visit friends, camping, and a family wedding to attend to!

Glammis Ontario

First we went to Glammis, which is a nice little community and sits at the juncture of three of the original townships of the County of Bruce– Kincardine, Bruce and Greenock. Historians can check here if you want to know more about Glammis. (more…)

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The Travelling Life – House Sitting Part 2

New pal while travelling

As previously mentioned, we will be doing a series of articles on our experiences with four house sits we acquired, back-to-back, all in Ontario, Canada. Our second house sit took us to Markham Ontario.


Markham is a city in the Regional Municipality of York within the Greater Toronto area of Southern Ontario. It is also Canada’s 16th largest city and changed its status in 2012 from town to city. Population in 2014 was 329,204. (more…)

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The Travelling Life – House Sitting Part 1

My husband and I love to travel, especially south for 5 -6 months at a time. This presents a problem. Where do we live in between travelling destinations? Until recently, we had never considered house sitting as an option, until we realized we were technically homeless and I think our accommodating friends were getting a little tired of us.

How We Got Started

On our last two trips to Costa Rica, we met many wonderful people and developed a friendship with many of them. We discovered that some of them were house sitting for other people. The more we looked into this, the more interested we became. (more…)

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